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Nuernies & Noodles


250g          Reisa Broad Noodles (1/2 500g bag)
1pk            Knorr Fix Rahm Champingon
500g          K&K Foodliner Nuernberg Sausage (1pkg)
~10            Mushrooms sliced

PREP/COOK: 20min
Start pan frying the Nuernberg Sausages (approximately 8 minutes). Boil the broad noodles to your desired tenderness. While Nuernberg sausages and noodles are cooking, slice your mushrooms.

When the sausages are cooked remove from heat and slice them into ½ inch pieces. Add the mushrooms to the pan in which the Sausage was cooked (adds extra flavour to the sauce) and slightly sear them. In a bowl prepare your KNORR FIX by adding the pouch to 250ml of cold water and stir removing any lumps. Add the FIX to the pan containing the mushrooms and add your sausage pieces. Cook for 1 min. Upon draining the noodles, your sauce should be ready to pour on top. Gently mix and enjoy!

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