/ Zested Chorizo Stuffed Chicken

Zested Chorizo Stuffed Chicken



4         Chicken Breasts (Larger)
400g   K&K Chorizo
150g   Smoked Gruyere 
2 tbsp Fresh Parsley
           Smoked Sea Salt
           Sweet Paprika (Szeged)
           Lemon Zest 

PREP/COOK: 45min
Fry and chill the chorizo with parsley. Shred or cube the smoked gruyere and mix with the chilled chorizo. 

With a sharp filleting knife, make slit in the end from which you can make  pocket in the middle of the chicken breast. Should you choose to slit fully, you will need some roast string to tie the chicken together. Proceed to stuff the chicken with the prepared, chilled, chorizo and cheese filling.

Lightly dust the chicken with paprika, salt and pepper to taste. You may add some zest as well. 

BBQ for ~ 20 min. This would depend on the size of the chicken breasts.

Garnish with some lemon zest upon serving and parsley if you wish.


Try a medium gouda instead of smoked gruyere.
Serve with some rice and beans or a vegetable medley.


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